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We are foreseeing, exploring, and implementing the opportunities for social innovation and social entrepreneurship, also the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other new technological advantages, in service of the people with disabilities and their needs.

Program Description

As a nonprofit organization, Poraka Nova doesn’t have own financial resources, so starting from 2011 we got interested in opportunities that the social innovation and social entrepreneurship are offering, so we could make the organization self-sustainable. Poraka Nova became a member of SIC Europe (Social Innovation Community).

Poraka Nova funded two social enterprises at the beginning (Creative Palm and Ribele – both for arts and crafts), and also three social enterprises offering social services to people with disabilities (Day Care Centre Poraka Nova, ILETE Poraka Nova and NEGA Poraka Nova – all of them explained in program 1).

Poraka Nova is a partner organization in the social enterprise Lice v lice, through which we succeeded to employ one person with Down Syndrome as a vendor of the street magazine, who is the first officially employed vendor in Macedonia).

We have developed business plans for three potential social enterprises: one, for offering products and services for accessible tourism; two, for waste treatment and recycling and promotion of circular economy; three, for nonprofit marketing, offering services to nonprofit organizations to take use of the digital and affiliate marketing.

Poraka Nova in collaboration with organizations from Italy, Spain and Croatia, developed the Social Innovation Network – SINet, which is a platform for digital social innovation, where the nonprofits can learn how to use social innovations, marketing and digitalization in order to become self-sustainable.

We continuously work on training people with disabilities, and vulnerable groups in general, on how to initiate their own social businesses and become self-employed and take use of the business skills they attain.

In the following period we are planning to make use of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new technological advantages, in service of the people with disabilities and their needs.


– SINet – Social Innovation Network 

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Check out the website and facebook page for updates and info on how you can be involved.

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