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The Vision of Poraka Nova is an improved quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Mission of Poraka Nova is to work on effective promotion of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, in a way that all citizens related to the intellectual disability, will have an opportunity to receive adequate support and resources they need.

The Principles on which is based the work of Poraka Nova are Equal opportunities, Transparency, Responsibility, Partnership, Tolerance, Sustainability, Inclusion, Participation.

The Objectives of Poraka Nova for improvement of the quality of life of the people with intellectual disabilities are:

Respecting the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities;

Nondiscrimination of the people with intellectual disabilities;

Encouraging people with intellectual disabilities to rely on their own strengths and skills;

Autonomy and independence of people with intellectual disabilities in the use of services;

Economic, social, health and juridical protection of the people with intellectual disabilities;

Social justice, social integration, and inclusion.

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How You Can Help


We believe that partnership and networking are very important for building strong organizations that work on building an inclusive community. We work on many partnership projects and we are open to collaboration and new ideas. Feel free to contact us.


Volunteering is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, adventures you will ever experience in your life. Volunteers are driven by a single purpose: to leave the world in a better place than they found it. If you have been inspired to volunteer, Poraka Nova is the right place for you.


To donate means to give something — money, goods, or time — to some cause, such as a charity. “Donation” has a more altruistic meaning than does simply “giving”; it suggests that you don’t expect anything in return for the contribution. Ask us what we need, or consult our donation page.


Disability advocacy is required in a variety of circumstances— education, employment, healthcare, housing, faith, technology, transportation, and more. We have a board of advocates and of self-advocates. You could be a legal or social advocate, who could litigate for disability rights, or you could work toward furthering disability rights through social change and public policy. Contact us if you are interested.


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