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We Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Poraka Nova has a sufficient number of services covering all target groups of the association, and with their work and actions, they affect the realization of the vision, mission, and objectives of the association, as well as directing the programs in the same units.
The Association has services for people with disabilities, families with a member with disabilities, employees, and volunteers of the association, and service for training and research.

Fulfilling Social Life and Family Respite

Our work and dedication gives a long-term impact on the life of people with disabilities, and also on their families’ life. Some of our beneficiaries are employed and have a fulfilling social life. Some of them see the Day Care Center as their home. Thanks to Poraka Nova, the families can have a respite from their everyday engagement with the member with a disability, and may have more free time to contribute in different ways for their families and their personal life.

People with disabilities

Services aimed for people with intellectual disabilities:
Service for early treatment and education;
Service for including them in the labor market;
Services for independent living training;
Social services.


Services aimed for the families:
Family Support Service – Information, guidance and counseling of families, and Family respite;
Training center for families;
Mutual support between families.


Services aimed for the enterprises and community:
Staff recruitment support and social mentoring for the companies employing people with disabilities;
Training center for enterprises and civil society sector;
Social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

staff & volunteers

Services aimed for the staff, volunteers and interns:
Service for training, guidance and counseling;
Volunteer center;
Training and Research office;
Project development and management office;
Resource Center.

What Services Poraka Nova Offers

If you are a person with an intellectual disability or family member, or maybe you are a company or organization working with people with disabilities, we are here to offer you support and resources.

Most important services and resources for people with disabilities:

  • Day Care Centre for children, youngsters and adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • Individual lessons for early treatment, special education, and speech therapy for children with developmental disabilities.
  • Occupational center, vocational guidance, and social mentoring for employees with disabilities.
  • Training for independent living for youngsters and adults with disabilities.
  • Recreational and nonformal training center for people with disabilities.
  • Sports activities with partnering sports clubs, and a program for inclusive sports.
  • Personal assistance, and advocacy and self-advocacy support for people with disabilities.
  • Inclusive tourism program – tourism for all.

Most important services and resources for family members:

  • Center for Information, guidance and counseling of family members.
  • Legal and administrative support to families, and individual and family psychological support.
  • Family respite – Personal assistance and occasional attendance of a beneficiary in the social services.
  • Training center for families – workshops, training, info days, study visits, seminars, and conferences.
  • Mutual support between parents – Parents meetings, Mutual support groups, Parent to parent program.
  • Mutual support between siblings – Siblings meetings, Mutual support groups, Brother/sister to brother/sister program.
  • Center for disability awareness-raising, and research and prevention center.
  • Resource center.

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