Social Services & Resources

We Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Poraka Nova has a sufficient number of services covering all target groups of the association, and with their work and actions, they affect the realization of the vision, mission, and objectives of the association, as well as directing the programs in the same units.
The Association has services for people with disabilities, families with a member with disabilities, employees, and volunteers of the association, and service for training and research.

Fulfilling Social Life and Family Respite

Our work and dedication gives a long-term impact on the life of people with disabilities, and also on their families’ life. Some of our beneficiaries are employed and have a fulfilling social life. Some of them see the Day Care Center as their home. Thanks to Poraka Nova, the families can have a respite from their everyday engagement with the member with a disability, and may have more free time to contribute in different ways for their families and their personal life.