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Obtaining social inclusion, social justice and equal opportunities.
Get involved as a collaborator and partner,
and make a change in someones’ life together with us.

Social Services

We provide a range of social services intended to provide support and assistance to people in need, which commonly include people with disabilities.

Empowered Employment

Poraka Nova has continuous collaboration with cooperatives, companies, and public institutions and organizations in order to create new employment opportunities for people with disabilities. 

Advocacy and Self-Advocacy

This program has a scope of activities related to the advocacy and self-advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities. 

Family Support

We offer family support for information, guidance, and counseling of families which have a member with an intellectual disability

Inclusive Sport

Poraka Nova works on the promotion of accessible and inclusive sport, recreation, and promotion of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for people with disabilities. 

Inclusive Culture

We organize inclusive courses for theatre, dances, and singing, also photography, and creative writing. As a cross-program action, we promote the need of accessibility in the culture.

Inclusive Tourism

Poraka Nova is a pioneer in Macedonia, and in the Balkan Region in promoting topics such as accessible tourism, inclusive tourism, senior tourism, social tourism, and responsible tourism.

Social Innovation

We are foreseeing, exploring, and implementing the opportunities for social innovation and social entrepreneurship, also the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other new technological advantages, in service of the people with disabilities and their needs.

Youth and Volunteering

An inevitable part of the work of Poraka Nova is the involvement of young people, volunteers, and interns. We have numerous activities and projects for the promotion of youth information, volunteering, youth exchanges, and mobilities.

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Express your interest to become our partner and develop and implement joint initiatives and projects together.

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