From 20-21 February Poraka Nova joined the final evaluation meeting within YInfo Pioneers project in Ljubljana, hosted by the partners Škuc. YInfo Pioneers project is led by Eryica in partnership with Cerebra NGO,  Omladinski resursni centar Tuzla – ORC Tuzla,  PORAKA NOVA, Forum MNE, Youth Voice Network of Organizations,  Generalitat de Catalunya and ŠKUC, funded by Erasmus+ program.

During the first day of the event all partners discussed the dissemination and sustainability of the project, the precise outcomes and activities of the project, as well the local multiplying events with stakeholders and policy-makers in Western Balkan partners. The feedback gained from these event and future steps. Additionally we took time to discuss about the drafted strategies for development and coordination of youth information centers in Western Balkans. Later on we discussed some management points related to the budget, administration and final report. As final remarks the partners share their opinion on the topic of sustainability of the project and on the project evaluation results.

The second day was dedicated on the Study visit in several organizations and initatives, the tour started with DrogArt Association – Presenting their info point. DrogArt is a private, non-profit, voluntary organization founded in 1999 to reduce the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol among young people. Its main areas of activity are information, counselling and psychosocial support, field work in nightlife venues, daily psychosocial outreach work with young drug users, training and workshops to reduce drug and alcohol-related harm among young people, journalism, research on the prevalence and characteristics of alcohol and other drug use among young people, and planning new responses.

Later we visited the Info centre Škuc – Presenting the info point and Ljubljana network of info points that are part of Lmit network. ŠKUC the partners in this project is one of the leading non-governmental organisations promoting non-profit cultural and artistic activity in Slovenia. It holds the status of an association working in the public interest in the cultural field. Its beginnings date back to Ljubljana’s first radical student movement of 1968, while it was formally established on 31 January 1972.  INFO CENTRE ŠKUC has been providing information to young people and youth organisations and organisations for young people in Ljubljana since 1998.

After the lunch break we had a meeting at the Town Hall with the representatives of the National Youth Council of Slovenia and the Representative of Youth Office of Municipality of Ljubljana. Right after this meeting we visited Legebitra – Presenting their info point and youth center. Legebitra is a civil society LGBTIQ+ organisation working in the following areas: human rights, education, mental, physical and sexual health, and advocating for social and systemic change based on respect for sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression. Action shall take into account the intersectionality of other personal circumstances, such as health, nationality, racial or ethnic origin, language, religion or belief, disability, age, social status, wealth, education or any other personal circumstance.

It was great honor to collaborate with all of the partners during this project. We created a strong bond to each other, which will be the stepping stone for the next projects. During the project we learnt a lot, we responded fast to the challenges and we adapted to the needs of the young people on the Western Balkans and all that will lead us to the next follow up projects, where we will set the strong base and boundaries regarding the youth info centers. Focus groups gave us the good starting point and the strategy will lead us to the next endeavors.

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