In a warm but rainy Portugal, in the small coastal please of Oeiras, the new 27 trainers from 11 different countries, met for the first time, on their first residential training of the ERYICAdemy – Training of Trainers in Youth Information and Counselling.

They start their learning journey one month ago, via online course steps, and the adventure will end in March, on their 2nd residential in Madrid, Spain. And that will be a beginning for a whole new adventure for the trainers and the young people in general.

During next few months until the end of the course, they will learn and will be trained to held online and in face training course on youth information and counseling, for the young people across Europe. They will be supporting each other, guiding and creating the new training
courses. We cant wait to have more training courses that will spread the importance of youth information.

Photo credit: ERYICA 

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