On 19th of January in the wonderful city of Pau, the first event an kick-off meeting of our ECA project was held, hosted by the project leader Pistes Solidaries. As we gather on that meeting we embark on a journey towards achieving our project  goals and making a lasting impact with ECA project. This kick-off meeting sets the stage for a collaborative effort that will shape the future of our project.

We begin the day by extending a warm welcome to all participants from partners organizations, France (Pistes Solidaries), Greece (USB), Poland (CAT), Spain (Cazzala), Portugal (AJD), Sweden (CCBE), Italy (Associazione TDM 2000), N. Macedonia (Poraka Nova). The opening session will set the tone for the meeting, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

Then we continued with discussing the Context, Goals & Aims of the Project: Understanding the context and establishing the project’s goals and aims are fundamental to our success. This session provided a comprehensive overview, ensuring that every team member is aligned with the overarching vision. Additionally we dive in more into the Structure, Timeline, and Deliverables of the Project: A well-defined structure, realistic timeline, and clear deliverables are the backbone of any successful project. In this session, we discussed the project’s organizational framework, milestones, and the tangible outcomes we aim to achieve in each of the working package.

During the Project Management session, we covered the internal communication, reporting mechanisms, financial considerations, roles and duties, and the importance of maintaining quality assurance in our work, guided by the principles of Pistes-Solidaires. The Partners agreed that 4 Youth Exchanges this year will take place during the summer period, Counties and partners that will host the youth exchanges this summer are: (Pistes Solidaries) – France, (CAT) – Poland, (AJD) – Portugal, (TDM) – Italy. Poraka Nova will be participating in 2 YE, France and Portugal, where we will have to send 5 participants per exchange.

After the lunch bread we continued with the Evaluation and Impacts Measurement session delivered bu the partners from Cazalla: Assessing our progress and measuring the impact of our actions are integral to continuous improvement. This session delve into evaluation methods, ensuring that we stay on track and adapt to changing circumstances while maximizing our positive influence.

The partners from Poraka Nova presented the Dissemination plan, the project website and logo proposals, as a first steps in the dissemination activities: This session was to explore strategies for effective dissemination to ensure that our project’s outcomes will have great visibility through online and offline channels, new and traditional  media.

As a last point of our Agenda was the discussion about The European Citizenship Academy Platform – Learning Modules: As we shift our focus to the European Citizenship Academy Platform, we examine into the specifics of Work Package 2. This includes an in-depth discussion of learning modules, ensuring that our educational content aligns seamlessly with our project’s objectives.

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