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We provide a range of social services intended to provide support and assistance to people in need, which commonly include people with disabilities.

Program Description

In the frames of the Social Services Program, since 2004 is active the Day Care Centre for people with intellectual disabilities. Around 18 beneficiaries attend the service on a daily basis.

Besides that, 5 years in a row we offer Individual Lessons for Early Treatment and Education (ILETE) as a service offered to children with disabilities in their developmental age. The service Family Respite is offered to parents and families that have member with a disability who needs assistance, in that way we substitute the family care when needed.

Based on the services ILETE and Family Respite, in February 2022 Poraka Nova started a social enterprise for offering social services to marginalized communities, called NEGA Poraka Nova (CARE Poraka Nova). The social enterprise is offering services such as: family respite for people with disabilities, care and assistance for people with Alzheimer’s, care and assistance for people with Multiple Sclerosis, palliative care and assistance, massages and physiotherapy, speech therapy for people with disabilities, speech therapy for people that recover from stroke, general speech therapy, special education for children in the developmental period, senso-motor therapy, psychological support for families, introduction and mentoring in the work environment for people with disabilities, professional orientation for people with disabilities, personal assistance for people with disabilities, Reiki therapy, and other not mentioned here.


– Day Care Centre
– Leisure Centre
– Individual Lessons for Early Treatment and Education (ILETE)
Family Respite
NEGA Poraka Nova (CARE Poraka Nova)

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