On 5th of May 2022 Poraka Nova starter the online trainings of SAI – Self Advocacy Influencers Initiative within the NEUEYT Project. We already had the second training and we are so exited that our participants and mentors will learn a lot during the 5 months of classes and training modules. 
Self-advocate influencer is an activity that aims at making youngsters from under-represented communities work in pairs with youngsters. They will work on 5 modules ( one training class per week in 5 months) focused on gaining knowledge on working with social media and expressing themselves through different tools. The main goal is to be heard and provoke a reaction from the relevant policy makers.

We are happy to share that the participants already created their first blogs on the second online class. They will speak on various topics, express themselves through different tools and make efforts to provoke a reaction from the relevant policy makers.

Stay tuned, soon we will share more about each of the blogs!

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