Poraka Nova as a project leader of mPreneur with the partners from Austria organized the Gala event in Graz during the last week of April 25-29 April. Our team who attended the event is still collecting and reflecting on the good impressions and how this event was amazing from many perspectives, with enormously rich program and with wonderful community of people who are supportive, eager to learn, to expand their horizons with one purpose only – to help communities and make positive changes in the world.

The mPreneur Gala event was held within the WSA Awards in Graz, Austria where mPreneur participants and National winners from each partner country joined us for a 3 day event and spend wonderful time during the workshops, presentations, interactive sessions and dissuasions but as well during the non formal part of the program. They were here also to find out which of the national winners will be continental winners, the best 3 apps from the 16 chosen in the mPreneur National Camp.

The first day was reserved for arrival of participants and welcoming session in order to get to know each other. On the second day the official program started with presentation of Advancing mPreneur Mobile App – improvements, changes, updates after TC in Ohrid. Afterwards, interactive sessions followed with  festival Warm Up.On the third day some important topics were tackled with shorts talks, fishbowl sessions, interactive discussion and meet and talk time.

28 April was the big day, the day of the European young innovators festival where all participants will find out who will be the winning team. The first part of the day was filled with interesting workshops and matchmaking round tables, then the participants had a netwalking & citytour in Graz. Later after the lunch the official ceremony and announcing winners started.

We are happy to share that the winners from mPreneur category are:

Asia – Sakahon App

Africa – Dawa Mkononi App

Europe – Nochba App.

We are very grateful that we have collaborated with this young talented minds and partners wit whom we share same values! All project partners are so proud of this group of young people who are working hard to bring positive change, create innovative solutions to burning societal issues and create social impact. Poraka Nova as a project leader will continue to support the participants in their prospects and provide further consultant services such as:
1. Annual premium membership on the site FundsforNGOs, where the winners will find plenty of funding opportunities for your business.
2. Mentoring for fundraising, a free mentoring sessions.
3.Support in project development for one of the funding opportunities. Developing a project proposal and a budget plan, in order to present it to donors.

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