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mPreneur – Youth Mobile Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Future. Erasmus + project implemented on 3 continents that stimulates youth to develop sustainable innovative business mobile solutions to the persisting community challenges.

Project Description

“mPreneur:Youth Mobile Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Future” stimulates capacitybuilding of young aspiring entrepreneursand youth CSOs for usageofapps coding and ICT as vital skills for youthemployability as well as for strengthening community resilience.Youth will developsustainableinnovativebusinessmobile solutionsto the persisting community challenges. Social mobile entrepreneurship is recognized as a special concept uniting the purposedriven component of the businesses and the mobile technology used. mPreneur does not only stimulates skills sharing amongyoungsters, but strengthens the quality of youth work by building CSOs capacities for digital learning andusage of ICT for youth empowerment and employability, while gamifying the process through mobile appbusiness competitions.

Project Duration


Project Objectives

Helping youth choose their career path in entrepreneurship, while embracing new technologies and being socially aware, and on a different note, to benefit from mobile learning there with becoming engaged and resilientand ready to embrace change, inspired us to deepen its content and provide solid foundation for sustainability of the project results after the project end.

Project Activities

– Kick off meeting (online)
– National Camps
– Jury Meeting
– Training Course
– Gala event
– Evaluation meeting

Project Outcomes

Strengthening the quality of youth work by developing educational and training curriculum onsocial mobile entrepreneurship and using competition as a gamified tool to inspire change making. Embedding social mobile entrepreneurship in CSOs program developing. Exchanging good practices,involving also youth workers as potential social mobile changemakers, thus, sustaining the organizations through development of different business models.

Learning by doing encouraged, supported peer learning and exchange of skills and goodpractices, boosted skills in ideageneration and social business modelling for aspiring entrepreneurs: youthand youth CSOs ready and equipped with skills to train youngsters but also apply SME

-Youth and youth workers inspired to embrace SME, sustainable mobile apps are accelerated,participants ready to place their products on the market, pitch in front of investors, scale up their product

Youth are empowered to boost their knowhow in SME, but also their soft skills connected to communication, presentation, networking. Access to wellknow experts in the field, joining an international community of youth changemakers, using competitions as a tool to boost youth work on SME

Awarenessraised on the importance and added value of SME for solving social challenges andbuilding youth resilience

-Creation of mPreneur sustainability toolkit:mPowering Youngstersand Youth Workers onSocial Mobile Entrepreneurshipto the Faculties of Informatics and Programming, IT companies and youth NGOs working in the field, aimingto reach1,000 youth.

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Check out the website and facebook page for updates and info how you can be involved.

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Online Kick off Meeting for mPreneur Project

Online Kick off Meeting for mPreneur Project

During 6th and 7th July we kicked off the mPreneur - Youth Mobile Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Future project! “mPreneur: Youth Mobile Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Future” project aim is to stimulate capacity-building of young aspiring entrepreneurs and youth...

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