Location: 19.04 – 26.04, Calarreona, Spain
Deadline: 09 March 2024
Benefits: all expenses are covered


The training course will aim to equip future group leaders with the essential knowledge, skills, and competencies required to participate in and lead youth exchanges successfully. the program will focus on understanding the fundamentals of youth exchanges within the erasmus+ framework, embracing nonformal education (nfe) methods, and developing facilitation skills necessary for guiding young participants through the transformative experience of an exchange.

The project will be carried out in the course of 8 consecutive days: arrival date: 19.04.2024 activity dates: 20.04 – 25.04.2024 departure date: 26.04.2023 about the project the main objectives of the training are: the primary objective of the erasmus+ training course for future youth exchange group leaders is to empower potential group leaders with a comprehensive understanding of youth exchanges, including their structure, objectives, and non-formal education elements like interculturality, conflict resolution, communication skills, inclusion, and diversity.

Additionally, the course will aim to develop participants’ capabilities in leadership, facilitation, and the responsibilities specific to group leaders, ensuring they can effectively support, guide, and inspire young people throughout the exchange process.

Profile of the participants 

-18+ years old;
-young people who want to improve their lidering skills;
-youth workers;
-future participants of youth exchanges;
-group leaders, mentors, tutors;
-people working or wanted to work in youth field;


-be able to communicate in English
-be punctual and responsible
-participate actively
-respect the rules of the place
-to facilitate a youth exchange in 2025 organized by Poraka Nova


All accommodation, food and travel costs will be covered by the organizaers.
Travel Reimbursement: only participants who attend at least 80% of the programme of the youth exchange are entitled to reimbursement of their expenses.

More info related to the program, rules and reimbursement is available in the Financial Guide HERE and the info pack HERE

How to apply?

Please submit your application through this APPLICATION FORM, until Saturday 9 March 2024, 12 PM CET.

If you have any questions please contact pece@porakanova.org



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